Breaking the Silence

And just like that, it’s almost three months later. Obviously I intended to blog about many things that have happened since December 16th, like the recovery from the egg retrieval, genetic testing results, starting my medications for the frozen embryo transfer, the embryo transfer itself…and many other things. Suddenly, I didn’t feel like sharing. I wanted some part of this journey to beย “normal”. Private.

The longer you go without writing, or blogging, the tougher it gets to break the silence. Do I address the time I spent not sharing? Do I just sweep it under the rug? Of course this is probably way over thinking it, but I’m a woman and isn’t that just what we do?

So, to make things short and sweet. I’m sorry for the time spent away. I have a lot of thoughts, stories, and tidbits of wisdom to impart on you all. But, first, I just wanted to say hi and we’ll get to the rest of that shortly.

More soon!


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  1. Sometimes silence is golden. God is in that still small voice that whispers from the quiet, “Be still and know that I Am God!” Walk softly with Him on your journey. And when you’re ready, blog away of His great love to your hearts content.

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