Infertility + Marriage: How to Survive + Thrive

Kevin and I will celebrate our 4th Anniversary in December. I can’t believe all that can happen in just four years. As we gear up for another FET, I wanted to share about our infertility journey has completely changed our marriage and I wouldn’t have it any other way. By the time we had been married a year, we had lost two pregnancies, experienced two D&Cs, visited a fertility clinic, and started IVF. The first year of marriage is normally one of the hardest, but add in any sort of trauma and you could have the makings for disaster. For us, our marriage saw some of its highest highs right after each of our losses. We stopped fighting about trivial things. Our communication grew deeper. He was the only other person in the world who knew what it was like to lose that child. Our child. It wasn’t always easy, but there were a few things that we did that made it easier for us to come together instead of everything tearing us apart. I wanted to share these “tips” with you today. I call them “tips” because I am no marriage expert. This is just our story and our experience. […]

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