The Secret is (Almost) Out

Keeping secrets, especially life-changing ones, has never been something I do well with. In fact, up until this *event*, I don’t know that I’ve ever had to keep a secret this long in my entire life. So these last two weeks have been challenging and to make it easier, I’ve been kind of a recluse. I’m We’re pregnant! I found out just over two weeks ago, on March 10th (Kevin and I’s 4th anniversary of dating). I had started having cramps and nausea the week before, but just thought it was my period approaching. In the last few months my cycle has been very irregular, so the only way I knew it was coming was by the symptoms that came along with it, namely: cramps. We’ve been trying to conceive basically since we got married and with all of my irregular periods, I had just assumed that it was going to take some time for us. The cramping the night of the 9th was different. It didn’t feel like regular period cramps, and the nausea didn’t seem the same either. That morning, I decided I’d go ahead and take a test, but told myself (and my dog, Dusty) that it would be negative to […]

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