Four Eyes

Today I’ll be sharing something a little different with everyone. I have had an amazing experience with an online retailer and I just have to tell everyone about it!I started wearing glasses when I was very young. Though I made some questionable choices over the years (see below), I was a dedicated glasses-wearer until somewhere around the time I became a teenager. In retrospect, choosing to stop wearing glasses full-time right around the time I started driving was likely not a great idea. But, I digress. Some of these glasses I loved and some I ended up hating (or losing, but that’s another story). For most of my teenage years I only would wear them when I felt confident in them, or when it was absolutely necessary. My vision suffered because of this choice, which leads me to today. After years of extensive computer use, both personally and professionally, my eyes have taken quite a beating. My husband and my family would often point out that I was squinting when I looked at the computer, my phone, etc. So, I realized I needed some glasses that I truly felt comfortable and confident in. I had originally heard about David Kind via a […]

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